Support "Home Rule" in Municipal Zoning Decision Making

Connecticut's 169 towns and cities successfully use local zoning and planning processes to balance private property rights, the community's interests, demands on infrastructure, housing needs and economic growth.

Today, the General Assembly in Connecticut wants to stop local decision making, public hearings, input and other relevant information from being shared to a community's stakeholders when it comes to zoning. We need to tell Hartford that special interests cannot create a one-size, fits all proposal to change our local zoning laws. Land is finite and unique, and what you do with it has implications and long-term consequences. Having Hartford and bureaucrats control our land is not a solution. Local control and local input enable neighbors and the local community to provide beneficial suggestions, to identify errors and maximize community buy-in on zoning proposals.

We need to ensure that lawmakers who were elected to be our voices in Hartford respect the notion of home rule and the accountability of local government. Local zoning decisions empower all of us (residents, taxpayers and local officials) to carefully tailor the needs of our communities and our unique geographies, economies and housing needs.