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BOE letter update 2-19-24

Not to be outdone by their 6 percent increase in education spending, the new majority declared that a $90 million dollar budget was just the beginning. In just their second meeting, the new board rid themselves of the offensive Columbus Day on the 2024-2025 school calendar. They replaced it with Indigenous People’s Day / Italian American appreciation day. It appears they didn’t have the stomach to fully erase all tradition. Not yet at least. Finally, the Board of Education has introduced for public review an Equity and Diversity Policy. Here is a link to read the first draft. All public comment should be directed to the board for consideration.


BOE Letter Update February

Budget season has just wrapped up at the Board of education. The new majority took the opportunity to trim $64,000 from the superintendent’s request of $5,138,000. In a vote of 5-2, the board has requested an increase just shy of 6%. This represents the largest spending increase in recent memory.