Town of Cheshire Boards, Committees and Commissions

Thank you for contacting us. Your personal involvement can/will have a direct and important impact on our community. Your town government works best when committed citizens are consistently engaged. If you are a new Cheshire resident, we welcome your involvement.

There are currently 102 hardworking bipartisan volunteers across Cheshire's 17 Boards and Commissions. We greatly appreciate the exemplary work they do supporting our Elected Representatives and Town professionals. At any given time there could be an opening on a Board or Committee that you are interested in. There is always a need for new talent and we encourage you to contact us.

If you are interested in a position please contact your elected representative, any member of the Republican Town Committee or Tom Bartley (nominating chair) at SIGN UP NOW

Beautification Committee

The Town Beautification Committee consists of nine appointed members who serve 2-year overlapping terms.  The committee meets (8am) the first Wednesday of each month to discuss and plan how to enhance the appearance of the community.
Republican members: William Bonaminio, William Myerjack, Jessica Fischer, Jessica Feustel

Building Code Board of Appeals

The Building Code Board of Appeals consists of five appointed members who serve 4-year overlapping terms. The Board of Appeals reviews waiver applications for local commercial and residential projects.
Republican members: Daniel Mahieu, Richard Mouris, George Bowman

Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission consists of seven appointed members who serve 4-year overlapping terms.  The commission meets (7:30am) the third Tuesday of each month and works to attract new business development.
Republican members: David Pelletier,William Stanley, Michael Ceccorulli, Douglas Johnson

Energy Commission

The Energy Commission is a seven member advisory commission appointed by the Town Council for 4-year overlapping terms. They meet (7:00pm) the last Monday of each month.  The commission provides education and information on energy and new energy technologies.
Republican members: Rich Ogurick, Gerorge Tucker Deming, David Gavin, Walt Gayeski, Ryan O'Grady

Environmental Commission

The commission consists of seven members who serve 4-year overlapping terms.  The commission meets (7:00pm) the second Wednesday of the month.  The Environmental Commission's goal is to conserve local natural resources and promote the responsible use of publicly owned open space areas.
Republican Members: Albert Buell, Linda Blackburn

Historic District Commission

The Historic Commission consists of five members who serve 5-year overlapping terms and three alternate members who serve 3-year overlapping terms.  The commission meets the first and third Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted.  Their mission is to preserve the historic landscape of the properties within the town's historic districts.
Republican members: Lauren Backman, James Vikbert Sr., George Pawlush, Gayle Nidoh

Housing Authority

Republican members: Alan Cashmore, Lou Nero, Jon Fischer

Inlands Wetlands Commission

The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission consists of seven appointed members who serve four year overlapping terms. The commission meets (7:30pm) the first and third Tuesday of each month. The commission regulates activities in and near watercourses, in areas designated as inland wetlands, and any activities which may have an impact on wetlands or watercourses.
Republican members: Will Mcphee, Earl Kurtz, Tim Graver, Thom Norback, Greg Guyer

Library Board

The board consists of seven members who serve 4-year overlapping terms. Meetings (7:00pm) are held on the third Monday of each month. The board oversees matters relating to the programs, activities and facilities of the library.
Republican members: Tod Dixon, Jodee Heritage, Kathy Nankin, Suzanne Duffy

Parks and Recreation

The board consists of seven members who serve as an advisory commission to the Town Council on matters relating to Parks and Recreation.  The Commission meets (7:00pm) on the first Wednesday of each month.
Republican members: Michael O'Donnell, Patrick Duffy, Robert Santoro, Karen Bertoni

Performing and Fine Arts Committee

The committee consists of eleven members who serve 3-year year overlapping terms. The board meets (7:30pm) on matters relating to fine, visual and performing arts. This Committee is very engaged with ArtsPlace and also sponsor a variety of other projects around town.
Republican members: Jill Veiga, Donna Myjak, Ophelia Frazier

Public Building Commission

The Public Building Commission consists of nine members who serve 4-year overlapping terms.  The commission meets (7:00pm) on the first Wednesday of every month. This commission reviews the contracts and specifications for town public building projects.
Republican members: Michael Doherty, Ron Laukaitis, Don Nidoh

Public Safety Commission

The Public Safety Commission consists of five members who serve 4-year overlapping terms. This advisory commission works with the police and fire departments to identify and help address emerging public safety concerns. Meetings (7:00pm) are held the second Wednesday of each month.
Republican members: Guy Darter, Corey Nash, Frank Loehman, Lauren Miele

Retirement Board

The Retirement Board consists of five members who serve 4-year overlapping terms. The board meets once a quarter to review town pension funding adequacy and investment strategies.
Republican members: Paul Shay, W. Dennis Flagg, Michael Evans, Mark Izzo

Water Pollution Authority

The Water Pollution Control Authority consists of seven members who serve 3-year three year overlapping terms. The Authority meets (7:00pm) on the fourth Wednesday of every month.
Republican members: John Perrotti III, James Urbano, Steve Carrol, Zach Wellburn, Jason Beach

Youth and Human services

The Youth and Human Services Committee consists of seven members who serve 2-year terms. The Town Council on local social services matters. The committee meets on the second Thursday of each month.
Republican members: Nicole Davison, Eric Gunther, Phillip Belcher, Susan Pappas, Nancy Defrancesco

What You Can Expect from Us

A member of the RTC nominating committee will respond to your inquiry. We will request an application. After we review your application the RTC Nominating Committee will contact you for an interview. Once that process is complete your name will be placed in nomination to the Cheshire Republican Town Committee. Once endorsed by the RTC your name is submitted to the Town council for appointment. The process is completed when you are sworn in by Town Clerk.

Please be aware that some employers have “conflict of interest” policies when employees engage in outside governmental service or political activity. We recommend that you review those policies early in the application process.