Republican Town Committee

What does the Republican Town Committee do?

The Cheshire RTC is a group of registered Republicans actively engaged in furthering responsible governance. Specifically:
1) We recruit and support Republican candidates for Cheshire’s elective offices.
2) We recruit and recommend members for Cheshire’s boards and commissions.
3) We help recruit and support Republican candidates representing Cheshire in the State legislature.
4) We advocate for Republican positions on the local and state level.
5) We provide a platform for Federal candidates to connect with Cheshire residents.


How does someone become a candidate for local office?

There are 44 elected positions in the Town of Cheshire. Opportunities would include Town Council, Planning and Zoning and Board of Education to name just a few. Experience tells us successful candidates usually:
1) Are highly motivated and aware of the time commitment necessary to be successful.
2) Have relevant experience with or connection to the elected position.
3) Have established a base of community recognition either by serving in an appointed position (Board or Commission), holding prior office or prominently engaging in some other community activity.


How does the Republican Town Committee engage with political candidates and campaigns?

The Cheshire RTC is directly involved in the selection/endorsement of candidates for town positions. Candidates for state office will usually engage with multiple Republican Town Committees as district boundaries often include more than one town. The Cheshire RTC has no direct influence on the selection of candidates for Federal office.
All political campaigns are managed by the individual candidates. These are some of the ways the Cheshire RTC assists the candidates:
1) Donation to local Republican Town Candidates.
2) Publicize/promote candidate fund raising events.
3) Promote local access/visibility for State and Federal candidates.
4) Assist campaigns with local volunteer recruitment.
5) Actively engage in local efforts to “get out the vote”.


What is the specific role of the RTC in the Boards and Commissions nomination process?

There are 17 Boards and Commissions in the Town of Cheshire encompassing a total of 117 voluntary appointments. To ensure broad representation each political party is allocated a specific number of nominees for each Board or Commission. The appointments are multiyear and terms vary. There is relatively low turnover. As a consequence, there may be a limited number of openings at any given time on any given Board.

The RTC Nominating Committee coordinates the recruitment process and recommends candidates. Once that process is complete the recommendation is then forwarded to the Town Council for approval. The appointee is then formally sworn in by the Town clerk.

Typical appointee qualifications would include:
1) An educational or professional background related to the Board or Commissions function.
2) A commitment to the full term of service.
3) A commitment to active engagement.

A potential candidate can express their interest to any RTC member. The Nominating Committee will then manage the process.


How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways to participate. Your interests and availability will help you determine the best fit. Possibilities range from elective office which requires the highest level of commitment to perhaps one afternoon of volunteer work on a particular campaign. Some ideas:
1) Board or Committee Participation- usually 1 meeting a month.
2) Attending open Town Council or Board meetings to familiarize yourself with people and process.
3) Attend open RTC meetings.
4) Reach out to an RTC member to explore local “get out the vote” initiatives.
5) Reach out to a local candidate that you support and ask about volunteer opportunities.
6) Stop by the Cheshire Republican Committee booth at the Fall Festival and say hello.