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Another Strong Year for Cheshire’s Grand List Growth

Town Manager Sean M. Kimball announced that the Town of Cheshire’s net Grand List for October 1, 2022 has been filed at $3,032,257,470, representing an increase of $66,643,445 or 2.25% from the October 1, 2021 Grand List. The Grand List is an assessment of all taxable and non-taxable real estate, personal property, motor vehicles, and exemptions.

The change in the net Grand List is reflected in the following components: Real Estate increased by $24,591,250 or 1.00%, Personal Property increased by $14,581,318 or 8.19%, and Motor Vehicles increased by $27,470,877 or 8.34%.

Early Voting--Why it's Wrong for CT

Early Voting—What are We Trying to Solve?

This Election Day, you will see a question about early voting on the ballot. This same proposed amendment was voted down in 2014 and reappears now as an open-ended proposal that, if affirmed, would give unlimited powers to lawmakers to extend early voting in any manner and for any duration as decided by a simple majority of lawmakers.

Early voting is not right for Connecticut and is a solution looking for a problem. Here’s why: