S. Woody Dawson

Woody Dawson

“Cheshire First & Foremost”

I am a lifelong resident of Cheshire. You know me as a plain spoken advocate for my Cheshire neighbors. I have served on the PZC Since 1998. Throughout my time on the commission I am proud to say I have helped shape the way new neighborhoods and new businesses have prospered in town. We all love old Cheshire but we have to knit the new into the old. I try to do it the best way possible.

I grew up in the here and built a successful business here. Four generations of Dawson’s have made Cheshire their home. My four children live here and I have 18 grandchildren living in the area. I want that to be possible for all families in town. We need great services, the best schools and reasonable taxes. That takes more than just raising my hand for anything goes.

Cheshire has a bright future. It’s a well-managed town and I work hard with the other PZC members to help keep it that way. I bring years of experience in the construction and home inspection business to every meeting.

About Me

I have always been a volunteer. I have the all hands on deck mentality. I’m a proud member of many charitable and professional organizations including the Masons here in Cheshire, Elks Lodge, Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, CT Association of Home Inspection to list a few.