Tony Perugini

Tony Perugini

“Fairness, Transparency, Collaborative Leader”

Since 2009 I have been a member of your Board of Education. I’ve held various positions on all our BOE committees including BOE Secretary and Finance Chairman and BOE Chairman. I believe in fairness, open communication and collaboration. Every stakeholder in our community has a say in our schools. I’ve worked tirelessly over the years to break the down the barriers preventing BOEs from being more accessible and become proactive to the concerns and needs of our community.

I pride myself in working in a collaborative manner with my colleagues in our town government. We’ve been able to advance Cheshire Public Schools into one the best schools districts in CT and across the country. We’ve been able to achieve this even during one of the worst, and unprecedented, pandemics in our history. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we can come together, support one another and work together through difficult situations.

I Will Continue To:

  • Be Fair. Transparent and Listen
  • Lead the BOE through the COVID pandemic, keep our schools open
  • Hold the BOE and our Administration accountable to its policies and regulations
  • Address difficult topics in collaboration with our BOE and our Administration
  • Advance our long, arduous journey of School Modernization into action
  • Strong advocate for our students
  • Serve on the ACES Governing Board
  • Collaborate with my colleagues throughout town government
  • Work with CABE and our elected representatives to ensure local BOE needs are being met
  • Be available to you

About Tony

I’ve lived in Cheshire for over 21 years. My family and I are proud to be part of the Cheshire community. My daughters Nicole and Victoria have been in the CPS since Kindergarten. Nicole graduated CHS in 2020 and Victoria will graduate in 2022. I have personally witnessed how BOE actions, and inaction, can affect my children’s’ education first-hand. I’m proud of CPS and thankful for providing my daughters the education to be successful in life. When not working on BOE, by nights and weekends, I am a trained Chef holding an advanced Culinary Art Degree. By day, I am leader in Technology holding a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering & Information Systems, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration helping corporations transform utilizing cutting edge technology. I also enjoy gardening, racing and spending as much time as I can with my loving family.