Patti King - Town Clerk

Patti King

Cheshire is my hometown and I’ve lived here most of my life. I attended Cheshire Public Schools from kindergarten to grade 12 and my children did as well. I earned my master’s degree from SCSU.

I’ve worked in the Town Clerk’s office for nearly 12 years and will have had eight years of experience as the Deputy Town Clerk, working closely with the current Town Clerk on projects, grants, elections and day-to-day routines. I am an Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics and have successfully completed the three years of training to become a Certified Connecticut Town Clerk (CCTC) and am six months out from earning my next certification of Certified Municipal Clerk.

I work with the Secretary of the State’s office and the Registrar of Voters office to guide Cheshire successfully through elections. I have earned the endorsement of both major parties as a candidate for Town Clerk in the 2023 municipal election.