John Milone
John Milone
*Running for reelection

Sylvia Nichols
Sylvia Nichols
*Running for reelection

Sandy Pavano
Sandra Pavano
*Running for reelection

Tim Slocum
Tim Slocum
*Running for reelection

David Borowy
David Borowy
*Running for reelection

David Veleber
David Veleber
*Running for reelection

Tucker Deming
Tucker Deming

Don Walsh
Don Walsh
*Running for reelection

David Nastri
David Nastri



Our Priorities

We will continue to deliver on the things we know are important to you.

  • Fiscal responsibility that safeguards every taxpayer dollar
  • The safety and security of our residents
  • A quality school system that gives each student the opportunity to reach his or her full potential
  • Expansion of local business opportunities that enhance our community while supporting balanced growth of the tax base
  • Continued investments in recreational development and the arts to meet the diverse interests of our community so Cheshire remains a fun place to live


Our Commitment

We love our town. As your elected representatives, we are committed to continuing to protect the character and quality of life of Cheshire residents. You can count on us to:

  • Listen to your concerns and respect differences when they exist
  • Hit challenges head on with solutions that are in your best interests
  • Proactively and thoughtfully address the growing issues of sustainability, energy and the environment
  • Carefully manage the development of housing and commercial projects, in concert with our Planning & Zoning plan of conservation and development
  • Work on your behalf for a future that keeps Cheshire affordable and vibrant


Your past support has resulted in positive action. Your continued support will ensure a bright future for Cheshire. Vote Republican for Town Council.


Our Accomplishments

How we’ve delivered for you:

Effectively Managed Tax Revenues

  • Delivered balanced operating budgets, maintaining a minimum fund balance of $10M
  • Maintained or increased residential services with a 1.5% increase in the mil rate for 23/24
  • Managed capital budget to reflect the expected increase in bonding for the new schools
  • Maintained AAA credit rating

Lowered Residential Tax Burden
We have, and will continue to, benefit from the largest business tax base expansion in 25+ years

  • Implemented Tax Incremental Funding (TIF), which ensures a portion of increased tax revenue generated by new development projects will pay for the infrastructure required for development.
  • Secured development of grant monies to mitigate the costs of development and to improve current opportunities.

Shored Up Public Safety Resources

  • Fully staffed police department
  • Properly equipped police and fire departments

Invested in our Children

  • Passed referendum to build 2 new schools
  • Supported long-term plan to address remaining schools over the next 6 – 10 years

Continued Support of Senior & Veteran Services

  • Increased tax assistance to qualified seniors, residents and veterans
  • Increased transportation services for seniors
  • Supported a broad spectrum of senior center programs

Improved Recreational Opportunities

  • Brought the Bartlem Park project to successful referendum and made a wide range of significant park and recreational improvements

Supported the Arts & Library

  • Endorsed a move of Arts Place to the Ball & Socket building
  • Made improvements to Cheshire Library (eg: physical spaces, entry doors, signage and parking lot)
  • Provided additional technology services and restructured staff to increase efficiency

Demonstrated Leadership on Sustainability and the Environment

  • Certified Bronze by Sustainable CT
  • Actively retrofitted town buildings with sustainable energy sources
  • Continued focus on greenspace acquisition and partnerships
  • Bulky waste pick-up for all residents
  • Regular recycling programs (eg: electronics, mattresses)
  • Collaborated with RWA for hazardous waste collection locations
  • Chapman School Organic Waste Diversion Pilot Program