TIM SLOCUM - Vice Chairman – Cheshire Town Council

Tim Slocum

“Living, Working, Serving in our Community”

I have been an elected member of the Town Council since 2007 and prior to that I served 4 years on the Planning & Zoning commission. In my tenure on the council I have worked tirelessly for the taxpayers to keep Cheshire a great town to live and work in. And we do live in a well-managed town thanks to the hard work of my colleagues on the council and the hardworking people in Town Hall. The Covid crisis has gripped the nation, state and the town but we have been able to do quite well during this difficult time. Economically the towns businesses have been impacted, some much harder than others. The same can be said for our residents. For the first time I can remember the Council did not raise your property taxes in 2020-2021. Cheshire remains financially strong and we can look forward to achieving our long term goals of modernizing our schools, maintaining our important town infrastructure and enhancing the services to provide the best possible experiences for all our residents.

About Me

I am a lifelong Cheshire resident. I married my CHS Sweetheart and we raised our family here. I have a grandson in local schools. I am a Cheshire small business owner. I am Cheshire’s representative to the Regional Water Policy Board. I’ve been involved with the Cheshire Land Trust for decades. Cheshire has been and must continue to be a great place to live and work.