Sandra Pavano - Cheshire Town Council

Sandy Pavano is a member of the Cheshire Town Council and is running for reelection.

She is asking for your vote.

When asked why she is running for another term on the Town Council, Sandy’s answer was simple: “I have a passion for giving back to a community that has been a great place to live. There is more work to do!”

She has a unique and valuable history of thoughtful, balanced and fiscally responsible governance.

Sandy is 26 year resident of Cheshire and has been contributing to the community from the day she moved in. Her history of volunteerism includes Toys for Tot’s, Food Bank, the American Heart Association and Grace Lutheran Church.

Her performance as an elected official has demonstrated the leadership skills that our town government really needs. In addition to her term on the Town Council she also served 8yrs on the Cheshire Board of Education serving as vice chairperson and curriculum chair.

Looking ahead, Sandy sees the following as Cheshire’s biggest challenges/opportunities and her top priorities as a Town Council member:

1) School Modernization- supporting a building program that best addresses projected enrollment increases with state of the art facilities that meet current and future needs. All at a price that the community can afford and support.

2) Public Safety- Making sure that our Police and Fire departments have the financial and community support necessary to best protect Cheshire residents.

3) Community Life- She supports the proposed enhancements to Bartlem Park. It will create an excellent focal point for a wide range of community activity.

4) Senior Services- The town has done an excellent job supporting our seniors. Sandy believes that continued Town Council support for the Senior Center and associated services is a “must”.

Please give Sandy your support!