Cheshire Juvenile Justice Forum: November 8th

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Responding to the concerns of residents statewide who are alarmed by the rise in juvenile crime, most especially the rampant increase in incidents of motor vehicle thefts, State Representative Craig Fishbein (R-90), Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, and I will be hosting a Juvenile Justice Forum on Monday, November 8 at Cheshire High School.

Despite assurances from legislative Democrats that violent crime is down nationwide, the data clearly shows juvenile crime is on the rise in Connecticut, with car thefts committed by juvenile offenders having increased dramatically. House Republicans have repeatedly called upon the Majority Party to convene the legislature in special session to address these stunning increases - to at the very least debate the matter. However, only a couple members of the Majority Party have supported those requests.

During the forum, we will discuss changes to Connecticut laws over the last ten years, the most recent data, and details of the House Republican’s plan to address the problem through legislation, and to answer local residents’ questions about this important issue. Cheshire Police Chief Neil Dryfe and Youth Officer, Detective Eric Tracy, will provide law enforcement’s perspective and will be available to answer questions.

This stark rise in juvenile crime has alarmed residents from towns and cities throughout the state. Car break-ins, car jackings, stolen vehicles and other property related crimes are many times being committed by juveniles who, when caught, display little fear of prosecution. For many homeowners and property owners, these crimes are personal, with many feeling like their voices aren't being heard. Law enforcement officers have testified that they feel like their hands are tied, and juveniles are being released as quickly as they’re apprehended. Something must be done. Silence and denial are not the answer.

WHERE: Cheshire High School, Auditorium

525 South Main St., Cheshire, CT

WHEN: Monday, November 8TH at 6:00 p.m.

*masks required per facility rules*

Anyone with additional questions regarding the Juvenile Justice Forum can contact me at 1-800-842-1423 or via email at


State Rep. Lezlye Zupkus