Do You Want a Safer CT? So Do We...

A Better Way to a Safer Connecticut...

Do you think we deserve to live in a state where we feel safe?


Violent crime is rising in Connecticut, and we need action.

This week, CT Senate Republicans unveiled a plan to respond to crime immediately, and to prevent crime over the long term.

A Safer Connecticut is a holistic plan to improve crime response, support law enforcement, and remove barriers to intervention services. It includes policies to address the root causes of crime including issues related to trauma, education, housing and jobs.

We must ensure law enforcement and our justice system have the tools to keep all people safe.

We also need action to prevent crime, to end the cycle of juvenile injustice and a lack of opportunity that pushes people, especially young people, towards crime.


Connecticut is dead last in job growth and income growth and Connecticut’s economy is failing our children and failing our cities.

We need to build a ladder out of poverty. We need good paying jobs. We need safe housing. And we need to empower communities to thrive.

A safer Connecticut starts with a stronger Connecticut. It starts with an economy that can support jobs, build hope and create a path to success for young people. It starts with proactive policing, appropriate accountability for repeat offenders and ensuring our justice system has the tools to successfully rehabilitate.


WATCH: CT Senate Republicans unveil A Better Way to a Safer Connecticut.

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