Laura Brennan

Town Clerk since 2016.
Staff member of the Clerk’s office for 27 years.
Achieved Master Connecticut Town Clerk (MCTC) designation.
Brought the vault into compliance with new flooring and shelving without the use of Town funds.
Co-administered the 2020 Election-processing 11,000+ absentee ballots.
Increased digitization of land record archives for greater access to public records.
Established innovative and best practices to office procedures and improved services to the community.
Professional, impartial & welcoming office environment.

About Me

Growing up in Cheshire and raising our two daughters here with my husband has been a real privilege. The opportunity to be elected Town Clerk by my fellow citizens is a true honor. It is my hope to be entrusted to continue as keeper of the Town’s important records and to serve another term as the Town Clerk of Cheshire.