Adam Grippo - Vice Chairman

Adam Grippo

“Accountability, Transparency and Responsiveness”

During the last 4 years I have:

  • Worked with Administration to keep our Schools open as long as possible during the Pandemic
  • Helped Establish the School Safe Climate committee , improving transparency for all incident reporting
  • Enacted new policy to strengthen CPS response to bullying of all kinds
  • Worked with Administration to keep spending in check while achieving academic excellence and providing fantastic value for our citizens
  • Established a nepotism policy to bring transparency and honesty to the CPS hiring practices
  • Fighting to modernize our schools for all of its students

About Me

I have lived in Cheshire for over 40 years. As a graduate of Cheshire Public Schools I know what has made CPS great and how it should grow in the future. I hold a degree in finance from Bentley University and a Masters of Public Administration from Penn State University. I understand what good government should be and I pledge to continue to be a voice for the students, parents and citizens of Cheshire.