Car Tax - Why are We Paying More?

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To the Editor:

Gov. Ned Lamont is preening over the $600 million in tax cuts to Connecticut’s residents, which he and his administration assert will eclipse the 1995 reforms of former Gov. John Roland. We here in Connecticut are to be pitied when, in 2022, Lamont has to engage in a one-sided “mine is bigger” contest with someone who held office 27 years ago.

In fact, Lamont’s plan is yet another election-year scheme to redistribute less than 10 percent of this year’s surpluses – surpluses derived from a massive infusion of federal money and a large windfall from capital gains tax receipts — to key constituencies.

Sure, some residents may benefit, but, in reality, most taxpayers will pony up more – lots more.

Take car tax relief, for example. The governor and state legislators have graciously deigned to cap the auto tax at 32.46 mills. Not smiling are the residents of 120 Connecticut municipalities that have kept millage rates below the ceiling. No savings for you, says the governor.